Procurement Billing Service

AFDT has maintained an organ billing service for over 20 years. This service provides consistency and predictability in the reimbursement of organs and tissues provided to transplant programs locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. AFDT has developed a reputation for consistency in service, a knowledgeable staff, plus experience in all areas of conflict resolution when dealing with disputes between transplant centers and organ procurement organizations. The AFDT staff knows whom to bill and how to secure payment. Relationships are maintained with the critical accounts payable personnel at each organization and transplant center responsible for the payment of organs and tissues. This experience is essential today since the rules regarding payment are changing regularly.


The AFDT Procurement Billing Service is valuable because:

  • Your cash flow is predictable and guaranteed within a specific time frame.
    This makes it easier to meet budgetary demands and to plan for investing funds. If your organization utilizes a line of credit to finance operations, a more reliable cash flow can lead to a reduction in paying interest for borrowing funds.
  • Billing is simplified.
    The invoice is always sent to one location. One simple reporting form (AFDT's or your own format) is used. Billing information can be faxed or mailed to AFDT.
  • Receivable's monitoring is simplified.
    You provide AFDT with the correct billing information and 45 days later you receive the payment. If you have a question regarding payment, call AFDT directly. AFDT is responsible for getting the transplant center to expedite payment.
  • Skilled problem resolution assistance is available.
    AFDT has a billing dispute resolution process whereby two parties that disagree on the payment for an organ can accept arbitration and negotiate a settlement.
  • Organizational resources are freed for other activities.
    The use of this service allows your personnel to direct their time to other functions. Staff can be easily trained to perform the billing activity resulting in greater efficiency and a possible reduction in the need to hire additional employees.


Most organ and tissue procurement organizations spend a great deal of time chasing down delinquent receivables. Time can be better spent entering, analyzing and acting on financial data. Each invoice not paid within 45 days represents a possible interest expense to the organization if it is not taking advantage of the AFDT Procurement Billing Service. The sooner the receivables convert to cash the sooner the funds can be making money for the organization.