AFDT is dedicated to providing its membership with a comprehensive educational program. Over the years, AFDT has conducted courses that provide participants an opportunity to enrich their knowledge and understanding of many aspects of histocompatibility, immunogenetics, donor advocacy, paired exchange, quality, compliance, etc. Participants are able to share their special expertise and experiences with fellow students and faculty.


Basic Histocompatibility Course

The Basic Level Course is offered to provide the technician/technologist with a well-rounded background in basic transplant immunology and related laboratory skills. The four-day course is held every other year and provides preparation for those wishing to sit for the ABHI Certified Histocompatibility Technologist (CHT) examination.

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Histocompatibility Specialist Course

The Specialist Course is a week-long course, presented every other year, designed to cover topics in many areas of immunology and laboratory management and is presented by nationally recognized experts. Participants are exposed to basic concepts, current theories, and practical techniques relevant to the day-to-day operation of a modern histocompatibility laboratory. The course provides a valuable base and preparation for those wishing to sit for the ABHI Certification Histocompatibility Specialist (CHS) examination or the ABHI Laboratory Director Diplomate examination.

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Transplant Quality Institute

In the midst of today’s ever-changing transplant landscape, its allocation systems, and complex regulatory processes, the 6th Annual Transplant Quality Institute remains committed to the founding mission of providing current and relevant education, resources, and tools necessary to remain focused, competitive, and compliant in today’s healthcare market while preserving our tradition of presenting foundational material for professionals new to transplant quality.


Living Donation Conference 

The Living Donation Conference, in its 11th year, covers the essential aspects of clinical, psychosocial, advocacy, administrative, financial, quality, and regulatory issues related to living donation. The program provides a foundational track for individuals with less than 2 years of experience in the care of the living donor. There is an advanced and/or a liver track for the experienced practitioners and continuing education/ plenary sessions for all attendees. This course is held every year over a three-day period.

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