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This year the Living Donation Conference will be divided into two parts.

Part 1: Virtual Program - February 24 - March 17, 2023.

Part 1 will be held over February 24 - March 17, 2023.  This is an introductory course for individuals with less than 2 years of experience in the care of the living donor. This program also serves as a refresher course to those who would like to ensure they have the fundamental building blocks in place for a successful Living Donation Program. The attendees will have 3 weeks to review the presentations, complete the evaluation and pass the post test.

Part 2: In-person conference - April 18-20, 2023, at Loews Coronado Bay in San Diego, CA.

Part 2 will be an in-person conference over April 18-20, 2023, at Loews Coronado Bay in San Diego, CA. The 14th Annual Living Donation Conference is a training conference on the essential aspects of clinical, psychosocial, advocacy, administrative, financial, quality and regulatory issues related to living donation. The program provides advanced kidney and liver sessions for the experienced practitioners and continuing education/plenary sessions.

October 3-6, 2023
Omni Rancho Las Palmas
Palm Springs, CA

The 9th Annual Transplant Quality Institute (TQI) remains true to its founding mission of providing high-quality education and resources to professionals responsible for transplant quality and patient safety. This three-day meeting, designed for professionals with transplant quality experience, is also suitable for those new to transplant quality when combined with the Transplant Quality Foundational Concepts course (October 3, 2023).


Call for 2023 Abstracts